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The Show Must Go On

It’s already been a very very long time since Lockdown was announced due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Nobody would have even expected a situation like this to happen anytime before. I hope God gives us all enough health and strength to successfully get out of the Pandemic and return to old normal soon. I have discontinued writing for almost a month, but its always good to be back. Yesterday, when I logged into WordPress to write a poem – I realized that all my thinking have been influenced a lot by the ongoing tough situations in our planet. It seemed like the year 2020 has just now started, but we have already completed 10 months of the year. “What did I do this year?” is one of the most prevalent question that I had heard throughout this year from many of my friends. In fact, I guess this question has been put forth by my mind to me multiple times. However, sometimes we cannot calm our minds. The best choice is to take good care of ourselves and our mind whenever possible.

This year has taught us a lot of things. Initially, we were happy and excited while sending New Year wishes to people. Then came the Lockdown. Ever since Lockdown was announced, things have changed a lot for many of us. For me, I have never even thought of working from home before. There never came a situation when I had to opt for ‘Work From Home’ before. I was excited thinking of the ‘Work From Home’ concept. However, there are multiple turn of events during the execution of it. Even then, I am pretty glad & forever thankful to God that I could continue my work during these unexpected situations.

Quite a lot of events have taken place in our World. Cricket and Soccer matches are happening with no spectators. Movies are being released on OTT platforms. Work is performed from home. Virtual meetings and virtual award shows have become normal now. Online Teaching and Online Learning are being practiced in schools. There is no end to this list. There is a common saying which goes like this: “Whatever happens, the show must go on”. I hope everyone have heard this saying multiple times in our lifetime. Hence, be full of hope and pass on beautiful positive vibes wherever you are.


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Interesting facts about Blogging

How many of us know that the word ‘blog’ is a truncation of the word ‘weblog’? On reading the before sentence, I am completely sure that a strange question will arise in your mind. Is the blogging trend outdated now? I understand your thoughts clearly. There are a considerable amount of people who read blogs and make the most of it. Imagine if you want to search for a particular information, I am sure that you won’t read the entire blog post from top to bottom. However, I am 100 percent confident that you will skim through the blog post and fetch the information which you need the most.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t say that blogging has become outdated or old fashioned. Blogging just got evolved especially during the Digital Age that we are living in. For instance, let me share with you some information about WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management Platform developed in 2003 which is almost 17 years ago. Huge number of websites, including the one which you are currently reading have been developed using WordPress Themes and Plugins. In 2016, WordPress announced the .blog domain. As described in Wikipedia, WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites as of April 2019. I hope these facts leave you with the conclusion that blogging will continue to evolve in the years to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about blogging. If you found it interesting, please share your experiences as a blogger. Keep following You Me & Planet Earth for more and more Infotainment articles. Thank You.