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Highway Plant

Everytime I travel through the highway,
I see green plants planted in the middle of the road for dividing the lanes.
Beautiful – I should say,
But who is taking care of them?
Who planted them there?
Who fixed their fate?
I believe we won’t be able to stand in the middle of the highway for atleast an hour.
Who has the patience to persist –
The smoke from the trucks,
The heat of the sun,
The harsh polluted wind,
The not-so-gentle rain &
The never ending noise of vehicles?
Patience is a million dollar virtue,
But we have a choice. Don’t we?
What choice does the highway plant have in it’s life?
Do we even give it a choice?
Still, it never fails to make travellers happy.
Maybe, it is a living proof that no matter where we are, we still have something to offer for the betterment of Life.
Stay blessed Highway Plant!

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What is Life?

Life is not a dream as many people think
Life is real, Life is true
Life is like a voyage on the high seas.

We have control over LIFE :
We cannot direct the wind
But we can adjust the sails.

Everyone sets his own DESTINY
Everyone has his own Direction to TAKE
Everyone has his own CHALLENGES

Some people face challenges boldly :
Some don’t; Some think; Some people struggle
But some people finish successfully
Thus inspiring others to achieve.

Life is like a dream, but not a dream,
We dream to achieve something great in life
And that is our DESTINATION.
As someone very sensible said :