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Some Days

Some days are easy.
Some days are tough.
Some days are long.
Some days are short.
Some days are boring.
Some days are interesting.
Some days are tiring.
Some days are refreshing.
Some days bring smile without any hesitation &
Some days bring tears to our eyes,
But Life is made of all days.
So, Let us make everyday count.

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The SEA Effect

“I am so tired of Life…”
We have heard this statement multiple times.
Life routines tire us – every single day.

In the midst of happiness,
In the height of joy…
We remember not the blessings of our life!!!

In the midst of chaos,
In the height of pain…
There are faces which smile as well!!!

Roller-coaster ride: they say…Life is!!!
I haven’t sensed greater courage than seeing a person smiling in-spite of undergoing pain…
Lady Luck never favours us at all times;
Mr. Fortune too sometimes forget to smile.
Hoping to wake up tomorrow, we rest our eyes to sleep…
This colourful life, We all live!!!