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Sky in my mind

Ever looked at the sky and wondered what it is made up of? I have been very curious when it comes to reading about sky facts. It is mind boggling even now when I am writing a blog post on ‘Sky’. The Universe holds a lot of mysteries and we are yet to decode a lot number of them. Some years back, Pluto was knocked off from the ‘Planet’ list. I felt very sorry for him (Just kidding). I hope someday I will unravel any one mystery of our universe. Hope is a good word. Faith is an awesome word. I love the positive vibes created when hope and faith are instilled in our minds. As far as mankind is concerned, hope and faith are amazing traits which we had kept alive for a very long time.

I still remember getting drenched in rain for the first time. It was a great experience. My mother made me paper boats and I was happily set sailing them on the flood water. The water current was very fast and it was swiftly taking all my paper boats and drowning them in the drain. Lightning and Thunder gave us company all night long. Life feels good when we understand it less. During those days, I don’t even know what causes rain. I just thought that water pours from sky to cool the Earth. Later, when I found out that rain is caused by clouds – My whole imagination of the sky changed. Science got explanation for everything. Little we know, yet there are lots yet to be known.

The people of the 21st century can never forget the current year 2020. We locked ourselves at home for a very long time now. I hope soon things will turn back to normal. Again I say, Hope is a good word. So, is praying. Keep our World in your prayers. Every night during this Lockdown (even yesterday), I go with my father to the terrace where we walk for some time and I watch the sky for a long time. Believe me, it’s the best time for sky watching. Some days, you’ll see clouds spread throughout the sky. Some days, you’ll see star-filled sky. Some days, you even get a chance to watch shooting stars. Every time I look at the sky during the night, I check for the Evening Star – Venus. Venus is the closest planet to our Earth and it is awesome to see Venus at night. Some nights especially when it is raining, I won’t have the chance to see even one star. In those days, our mighty warrior satellite Moon presents her with the thunder and lightning in the background. Without getting wet in the rain, I go inside my room and wish ‘Good Night’ to our planet.

The Sky keeps me guessing. I don’t know what to do but just close my eyes and continue dreaming. Sky in my mind!

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“All life is a child’s play”,
I’ve heard people saying this…
In life, we choose our journey.
We choose our path.
We run towards our destiny…
In the midst of our journey,
We meet people –
People who make us smile,
People who help us grow,
People who wish us good luck.
Some people – We make friends.
Some people – Run along with us.
Some people – love us for what we are.
Some people – pray for us.
I believe that praying for someone who doesn’t even know that we are praying for them is the highest form of showing love towards anyone in our planet.

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Somehow, We can make to the Stars

They say:
“Somehow, we can make to the stars”;
Sometimes – I relent.
However, I do not agree to the statement most of the times.
Life is a roller-coaster ride.
We plan – We pray – We execute our plans;
Success is a distant relative of mine –
So it is – to many of us !
Life never fails to surprise me.
Everyday is filled with surprises:
Maybe – it is a blessing and a curse combined!
I have no idea.
People advise me to think positively,
But how can I reduce my pain by thinking positively?
I am often filled with question marks…
Kalam told us to set no limit to DREAMS.
Yes – I agree to the golden statement of my hero…
Everyone in INDIA will agree!
He dreamed – lived his dream and made it to the stars.
So, Dreams do come true – I agree!!!
Still, my mind is curious with questions…
How can I make to the stars?
Every time I try – There is always something or someone from the universe to stop me…
Yes…Life is true! Life is real!
I wish that we all have to make to the stars!
But, do you want to make to the stars alone!!!
Is that all you want?
Isn’t LIFE more than JUST WINNING???