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The Show Must Go On

It’s already been a very very long time since Lockdown was announced due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Nobody would have even expected a situation like this to happen anytime before. I hope God gives us all enough health and strength to successfully get out of the Pandemic and return to old normal soon. I have discontinued writing for almost a month, but its always good to be back. Yesterday, when I logged into WordPress to write a poem – I realized that all my thinking have been influenced a lot by the ongoing tough situations in our planet. It seemed like the year 2020 has just now started, but we have already completed 10 months of the year. “What did I do this year?” is one of the most prevalent question that I had heard throughout this year from many of my friends. In fact, I guess this question has been put forth by my mind to me multiple times. However, sometimes we cannot calm our minds. The best choice is to take good care of ourselves and our mind whenever possible.

This year has taught us a lot of things. Initially, we were happy and excited while sending New Year wishes to people. Then came the Lockdown. Ever since Lockdown was announced, things have changed a lot for many of us. For me, I have never even thought of working from home before. There never came a situation when I had to opt for ‘Work From Home’ before. I was excited thinking of the ‘Work From Home’ concept. However, there are multiple turn of events during the execution of it. Even then, I am pretty glad & forever thankful to God that I could continue my work during these unexpected situations.

Quite a lot of events have taken place in our World. Cricket and Soccer matches are happening with no spectators. Movies are being released on OTT platforms. Work is performed from home. Virtual meetings and virtual award shows have become normal now. Online Teaching and Online Learning are being practiced in schools. There is no end to this list. There is a common saying which goes like this: “Whatever happens, the show must go on”. I hope everyone have heard this saying multiple times in our lifetime. Hence, be full of hope and pass on beautiful positive vibes wherever you are.


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Since Lockdown

On 23rd March 2020, The Government of India announced Lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. I was travelling to office in order to take my office computer to home as the company where I was employed at that time announced all the employees to work from home till the Lockdown is relaxed. It’s been almost two months since I submitted my resignation and was serving Notice Period at that time. I had roughly three more weeks to get relieved from the company and join the company where I am going to be employed soon. I don’t know how to react to the situation. I am sure you would agree that every one of us felt the same when the Government announced complete Lockdown.

Days kept passing by as I was working from home. Every week day was like two or three days combined as we were completely not prepared to handle this situation. Network issues, Connection failures, Hardware malfunctions kept on happening in the Team as we struggled to keep up the pace. Little by little, we got habituated to the situation and were completing our deliverables on time. Then one day, I completed serving Notice Period and got relieved from the company. The company in which I was about to join faced a critical internal issue which prevented them from on boarding me. They promised me that they’ll on board me, but it will take some time. That was a very unfortunate and tough moment for me. However, I decided to make the best use of the time which is available for me before joining my new company.

Initially, I wasted a lot of time watching movies, online series and the like. After a certain point of time, I got restless. I became very tired of watching a digital screen for a long time. I hope you can feel me. My mind sensed that I have been ‘Entertainment-overloaded’. Then, I decided to blog. Well, I was deciding to blog for a very long time. However, I did not find time from my routine to make one. I decided that this is my moment. With no second thought, I called up my friend who is already a Blogger. After getting the required insights, I bought the domain and started to blog. Initially, I thought that a particular niche is to be chosen in order to start a blog. Then, I realized that whatever we write should come from our hearts. I became a Personal Blogger that way. I started writing poems, articles about personal life experiences, infotainment articles and much more. I recently heard of a saying. I don’t exactly remember who said it. It goes like this: “If you love what you are doing, then you will never concentrate on winning or losing in what you do. You just keep on doing what you love, no matter what”. Believe me, I too felt the same. Other than Blogging, I started playing with my cat, started performing physical exercise every morning in our terrace, sky watching in the night and playing board games with my sister. By God’s grace, the critical internal situation which my new company was experiencing came to an end and they graciously on boarded me virtually. Now, it’s already crossed 100 plus days of Lockdown. We, people are still fighting the battle with COVID-19. Hope the battle ends soon and we get back to live our normal lives again.

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To our Planet

Nothing to hide from, Nothing to run away from…
I was sitting still looking out of my window sill !
Queer is the way our World has turned to be…
Locking up ourselves at our home till everything is brought under control,
No content on my mind, but silence.
I have food with me, a roof on top…I am blessed.
Re-kindling a long forgotten friendship with a single phone call,
Re-visiting my childhood by turning to photo albums,
Restoring the love of the family and
Reading books from my room’s shelf…
Praying to God for the goodness of our Planet,
I am finding the silver lining !

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How people are trying to adopt new technology trends during the Lockdown?

With the Lockdown in progress, technology trends have increased in a rapid phase day by day. Be it work or school, each and every sector has been trying their best to stay connected and keep the progress on.

Almost all the IT companies in the world have adopted the Work From Home (WFH) strategy to continue their business. Though the WFH practice has mixed reviews, it has become the new trend for IT workers worldwide. When the lockdown was announced initially, all the companies started their Business Continuity Procedures on a fastrack basis. Slow and steadily now, people have got used to this new trend. Obviously, this is the only way to continue business during the lockdown. Business related calls and online meetings have been reported to occupy much of the time for employees on a daily basis which is affecting the productivity and work-life balance. Certain technical glitches with respect to slow network speed, dis-connectivity of servers, etc have also proved to be a hindrance to work these days. However, the workforce have been continuously braving these problems and continue to deliver awesome service to clients across the globe.

Learning is said to be a continuous process. Nowadays, learning has become completely online. Apps such as Google Classroom and Zoom have provided the educators with tremendous opportunities to reach students on a daily basis and continue education. Teachers are being trained to deliver lessons to students online. People have also shown tremendous interests in gaining online certification and enhancing their skills for a better future by registering themselves to apps like Udemy, Coursera, etc. Hope more and more online forums get developed for learners to continue learning without any hindrance in the days to come.

Technology trends keep evolving day by day. Let us learn to adopt with the new technology trends for the ultimate benefit of everyone and bravely pass through these hard times.