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Sky in my mind

Ever looked at the sky and wondered what it is made up of? I have been very curious when it comes to reading about sky facts. It is mind boggling even now when I am writing a blog post on ‘Sky’. The Universe holds a lot of mysteries and we are yet to decode a lot number of them. Some years back, Pluto was knocked off from the ‘Planet’ list. I felt very sorry for him (Just kidding). I hope someday I will unravel any one mystery of our universe. Hope is a good word. Faith is an awesome word. I love the positive vibes created when hope and faith are instilled in our minds. As far as mankind is concerned, hope and faith are amazing traits which we had kept alive for a very long time.

I still remember getting drenched in rain for the first time. It was a great experience. My mother made me paper boats and I was happily set sailing them on the flood water. The water current was very fast and it was swiftly taking all my paper boats and drowning them in the drain. Lightning and Thunder gave us company all night long. Life feels good when we understand it less. During those days, I don’t even know what causes rain. I just thought that water pours from sky to cool the Earth. Later, when I found out that rain is caused by clouds – My whole imagination of the sky changed. Science got explanation for everything. Little we know, yet there are lots yet to be known.

The people of the 21st century can never forget the current year 2020. We locked ourselves at home for a very long time now. I hope soon things will turn back to normal. Again I say, Hope is a good word. So, is praying. Keep our World in your prayers. Every night during this Lockdown (even yesterday), I go with my father to the terrace where we walk for some time and I watch the sky for a long time. Believe me, it’s the best time for sky watching. Some days, you’ll see clouds spread throughout the sky. Some days, you’ll see star-filled sky. Some days, you even get a chance to watch shooting stars. Every time I look at the sky during the night, I check for the Evening Star – Venus. Venus is the closest planet to our Earth and it is awesome to see Venus at night. Some nights especially when it is raining, I won’t have the chance to see even one star. In those days, our mighty warrior satellite Moon presents her with the thunder and lightning in the background. Without getting wet in the rain, I go inside my room and wish ‘Good Night’ to our planet.

The Sky keeps me guessing. I don’t know what to do but just close my eyes and continue dreaming. Sky in my mind!

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Plan B

All of us would have heard of this famous saying: “If Plan A fails, try Plan B. If Plan B also fails, then you have plans till the alphabet Z”. While hearing today’s news about researchers trying to find the possibilities of life in other planets, I was thinking about my plans. We plan to lead our life in a particular way according to our interest. However, Life always surprises us in ways we would have not even imagined.

When it comes to talking about finding another planet to me, the very thought freaks me out. I don’t know how to respond to it. I have thought that our Planet (The Earth) is the only planet that supports life till now. I forgot to think what if we have a choice to move on to another planet. Assuming that with the current advancements in Science and Technology, Man has already landed on Moon. With more advancement, I guess mankind will soon find a way to travel to another planet. If this is the case, who will take care of our planet – The planet which gave us food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter to rest and much more than I can even remember. I guess we will be on the same page. Home is where the heart is. Nobody can change this fact.

I would like to end this blog post with the sayings of Former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in European Union at 2007. He said “Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is an order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world”. Take care of our fragile planet because when it comes to home, we can never think about Plan B.

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Strength – I should say.
Standing as tall as possible and –
Providing home to peculiar species,
The Mountains stand on Earth.

Science explains the formation of mountains due to change in landscapes over a period of time.
Sounds like a fact.
I should agree.
The birth of a mountain – no one sees.
I’ve never seen one. Neither do you.
So, everything we hear about the formation of mountains is a theory.

Aren’t mountains, a beautiful work of nature?
How brave and mighty – the mountain stands!
I’ve been to a couple of mountains.
I like to stay near clouds and –
Mountains make it possible.
How miraculous Mother Nature is!

I always envy people who live in the mountains.
What a beautiful sight of Nature they experience each day of their lives…
Nature has a million ways to thrill us.
Mountains – one among the million.
I’ve learnt this from the mountains:
It does not matter how fast we go. It all matters how far we go!

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My watch shows 5.45 AM.
I can barely hear a violent sound.
Harmony fills the air.
I am standing on the seashore…
Literature has described the breaking of dawn in a million ways,
I could remember nothing.
All I could hear is the sound of waves hitting the shore.
A fisherman gets ready to start their day.
An elderly couple starts their morning walk.
A tea master starts to prepare tea.
A bird flies off her nest.
A traffic policeman starts his day duty – and
I am hearing the Church bell ringing boldly.
Up came from the sea –
A light to abolish darkness of the night.
Little by little – He conquers the darkness.
I felt the warmth in my soul bit by bit.
The day starts in no time.
My watch shows me 6 AM and I am starting my day.
Never will I forget my usual dialogue I say to my friends:
Even if the moon fails to reflect light back to Earth,
The Sun keeps shining…
Be like the Sun.