Summer 2021

Hours kept running.
I looked outside my window.
I have no clue of what I am thinking.
Sun kept on sending his heat wave consistently.
Hot breeze washed my face now and then.
“Did I switch the fan on?”, my blank mind asked me a question.
My eyes looked at the rooms’ ceiling and sent the green signal to my brain.
Encouraging the milky white clouds to hide the sun’s rays, my hands reached out to the water bottle.
I remember having a sip.
Few moments later, I realised that I am holding an empty water bottle.
Clouds failed to hide Sun and I took my eyes off my window in dispair.
I switched off the fan.
My legs took me to the terrace.
My green plants looked at me and greeted by waving their tired leaves.
Understanding the situation, I watered them.
The smell of the soil gave brisk vibes to my brain.
I can say that this is the most comforting moment of my day.
Welcome to Summer 2021.

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