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Hello everyone! I know that it’s been a while since I posted any update on my blog. I feel better today and thought of writing a post about a particular event which happened during my early childhood days. How many of you remember any event/incident which has happened in your childhood (For instance, ‘your first day at school’,’ your first fight with friends’ and the like)? Can you recollect every particular detail of the incident? Hope everyone recollects something or the other about their childhood days. If you want to share any interesting childhood memory of yours with me, write your story in the comments section.

My super-interesting and weird childhood memory goes like this…”My parents were both occupied with their work during the day. Therefore, I remember that I had spent most of my childhood days in crèche. Every morning, my father will hand me over to the care-takers in crèche and he will come and pick me up in the evening. Along with me, there were many children whose working parents leave them here and go for work. We used to play together, hear stories together, have lunch together and learn rhymes together. I also remember that after having lunch, we usually have a two hour nap before going to play in the garden. A pair of swings was installed in the garden, which is everyone’s favourite. Every day, someone or the other will wake up early and catch a seat in the swing. Even if one gets to play in the swing, there should be someone to help us swing by pushing us from the back since we are very small humans those days and our legs won’t touch the ground while sitting on the swing.  I was trying my best to wake up early and get a seat in the swing, but I was not able to make it for many days. It so happened that one day, I got a chance to play in the swing. I am not able to recollect who helped me swing by pushing me from the back, but the person who helped me swing wore a yellow t-shirt and is almost 12 years old I guess. Initially, he started to swing me gently but after two to three swings, he suddenly became playful and swung me so hard that my legs touched the nearby tree branch. I was shouting in the highest pitch possible but he did not show mercy. The entire garden was filled with children playing different games that no one noticed me shouting. As I was swinging, there was a boy who ran in the middle suddenly and got hit by my swing’s saddle. I turned back to ask the person who helped me swing to stop swinging me, but he was nowhere to be found. He abandoned me and the swinging stopped. I jumped down from the swing and went near the boy who got hit by my swing’s saddle and he was crying helplessly in pain. The care-takers reached the spot and took me and the injured boy outside the garden area. I wanted to say that it was an accident, but I don’t know how to say it. I said to the care-takers that I didn’t do anything to him. Everyone started scolding me and giving weird looks at me, while even tears betrayed me and did not come out. That was not the only time that I silently cried without shedding tears, but that’s the only memory I have of such a situation. Someone even frightened me by saying that they will inform my father about this incident and he is going to beat me badly in front of everyone. I just prayed that my father comes quickly and take me away from this place. The parents of the injured boy arrived and I don’t know what the care-takers told them. They gave a very frightening look straight at my face and I stayed mute. I did not speak a word. My father came late that day after work to pick me up. The care-takers narrated the entire incident to my father just as they frightened me. I got hold of my father’s hands and he walked me towards our vehicle. I told him that I didn’t do anything. My father did not say a word. We went home”.

Even now, every time I look at a swing in children’s play area I get unusual chills about this weird incident. I just can’t erase this memory since it always reminds me of my childhood days. No matter how hard you try to forget your past and keep moving forward, whatever has happened in the past is there. The past is always there and we cannot deny this fact. Now, when I am thinking about this incident, I smile…My past memories are blurred. Life happened!

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