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Life never fails to feed different perspective about itself in our brain. In early childhood, Life is all about getting our favourite toys. In late childhood, Life is all about getting good grades in school and as we group up, the list never ends. However complicated Life becomes, we still try to make the best out of it.

I felt very weird when I gave it some thought. It’s always not good to give thoughts about Life in a busy day. Again I say, don’t. Most of the time, thinking about Life can uplift your spirit and help you perform better. However, sometime it can also drain your energy and spoil your mood. It so happened that my cat got lost. She was sick for a long time. We were taking her to the veterinary hospital and feeding all the medicines regularly. We were hoping that she will get better soon. We planned of taking her to the hospital one day, but she left home on that day and never returned ever since. The last time we saw her, she was trembling and was finding very difficult to walk. My mother told me that cats usually prefer to go somewhere and die peacefully in their final days. We went searching for our cat everywhere, but it didn’t help. Finally, we thought that she had bid her final goodbye to us. I was grief-stricken for a week and not able to think of anything else other than the looks of my cat. On the day before she left us, she slept on my lap for some time and gave me strange looks now and then. I never thought that it will be the last moment between us.

The strangest thing about Life is the uncertainty which comes along with it. We focus on our journey. We try to set sail and reach our destination. However, nothing is guaranteed. Still, we make merry under the sky on a huge ball which is revolving a fireball endlessly. I am now left with a whole new perspective of Life.

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