Happy New Year 2021

“Hello World”, I called.
Does she know what has happened to humanity last year?
Revolving around the Sun is her job.
She never bothers to listen to me.
Hope you will continue reading my words.
Here we are, closing the year 2020 & stepping into 2021.
“A year which changed humanity in a drastic way”, I should say.
Classroom doors were kept closed.
Businesses went online.
Tourist destinations were locked and restricted for public entry.
International Shows and Tournaments were cancelled or postponed.
Every now and then, Ambulances kept passing through all the roads.
Hospitals were filled with patients.
They said, “The World is closed”.
My whole year went by working from home, scrolling news feeds, video calls with friends & having meals with family.
Sometimes, I felt very restless but soon realized that life is not more than a child’s play.
And today, as we have stepped into a fresh new start…
Let us fill our mind with beautiful positive vibes & continue to march forward in the journey of Life.
Happy New Year 2021.

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Life has much more meaning to it, than JUST WINNING 🏁
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