Just Another Rainy Day

A thick white blanket of rain clouds filled the sky. I looked up and noticed that the clouds have blocked Sun’s rays completely from hitting the ground. I wanted to go home soon. A drop of water fell on my hand directly from the sky. I speeded up my bike to reach home at the earliest. I wish I had started earlier than the usual. There is no time to think about that now. The Traffic Light flashed ‘Red’ color and I lowered my speed to halt just before the stop line. The raindrops started to fall heavily on the ground. I can feel the chillness of water all over my body. It is the first rain of the year and I am totally not prepared for it. I smelled the strong perfume of land which is happily ebbing out all the heat of the summer. The trees are dancing along with the tune of the winds. The roadside plants are swishing off the dust and turning greener than the usual. Little did I know that now, I am completely wet. Initially, I thought of stopping somewhere and wait for the rain to end. Now, I don’t have a choice. The Traffic Light showed ‘green’ and I started riding back home. Patience is a million dollar virtue, but not at this moment. I started riding very cautiously now as the roads have turned slippery because of the rain. Ignoring all the interesting events happening around me, I focused only on reaching my destination – home. The whole idea of rain is very beautiful except when you are in a situation where you want yourself to reach home from office in a bike. I reached home with not much difficulty. I prayed to God that there should not be much water logging as the rain continues to pour with no mercy. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and reached my room. Suddenly, the power went off. Everything seemed dark and I seriously don’t know what to do. There is nothing to be done, but to wait patiently till the Electricity Department resumes power. Lighting the candle in my room, I said to myself “I am having just another rainy day”.

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