Beyond The Hairpin Turn

I still remember my first travel to the hills. Even now, I am feeling very excited to remember those lovely travel memories. My dad was driving the car and we were enjoying the cool breeze and exotic views along the way. Being a city-based person totally, my eyes were not treated with lush green trees and fields for the majority of my days. Hence, the excitement of travelling to the hills was a thrilling and beautiful experience. If I go on a travel now, surely I will concentrate only on getting perfect photos in order to share them on social media. Those were the days when I never had a smartphone or camera in my hands. Sometimes, I think that our smartphones have changed our own personality to a greater extent. Okay, coming back to what I was saying…As we were riding uphill, I noticed the hairpin turns. Initially, I was not getting as to why these hairpin turns even exist. Later, my dad explained me the importance of hairpin turns in riding all the way to the top of the mountain. A hairpin turn (named for its resemblance to a hairpin) is a bend in a road (usually seen in the roadway to a mountain) with a very acute inner angle, making it necessary for an oncoming vehicle to turn about 180 degrees to continue on the road. The hairpin turns are too scary especially when we ride downhill. It seems like we are on the mercy of the vehicle’s brake mechanism.

Whenever we go for vacation to the mountains, a sigh of relief comes when we arrive at our destination on the top of the mountain and when we successfully reach downhill and head back to our house. These hairpin turns have fascinated me a lot every time I travel to the mountains. A number of thoughts come to my mind when I think of hairpin turns now. I love to share the most interesting thought that came to my mind about hairpin turns in this blog post.

A majority of us will agree to the fact that our Life is like a journey. I consider Life to be a journey on the road. Sometimes, we know our destination and many times, we don’t have a clue on where we are headed. Irrespective of all the pit stops and flat tyres now and then, Life should always go on. It’s very easy to say this in a poetic manner. However, real life gives us a lot of twists and turns along the way. Even in our life, there come situations where we have to pass through a hairpin turn. Ah! Now I am coming to the point. While we are passing through the hairpin turns in life, our own mind becomes very clumsy. The situations can be like taking life decisions or like undergoing a very bad phase in life. Whatever the situation is, we have to trust in the journey and hope that there is a long and beautiful road ahead of us once we pass through the hairpin turn. It can be scary and testing our patience, but whatever it is – We should not give up our hope. I am saying this because in reality, hairpin turns help us go further closer to the mountain tops. Similarly in Life, the hairpin turn situations come in order to elevate us. Oh! I guess now, you got the point now. Keep riding on the beautiful road of life. Face the hairpin turns with confidence and you will reach more and more heights in your journey.

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