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‘Wish’ is a powerful word…
In childhood, everyone uses this word with excitement.
“I wish to become a scientist.”
“I wish to become a doctor.”
“I wish to become a pilot.”
We all wished to be something great…
As we grew up, the same word is used by people with regret.
“I wish I had chosen an alternate choice.”
“I wish I could reverse time and live differently.”
“I wish I was this and I was that.”
I agree, fate too played it’s part in our lives but –
Whatever we are now and whatever we have become now are all product of our actions in the past. The truth is ‘We are in no control of changing anything which has taken place in our past.’
I wish God smiles at us in the upcoming days…
You would have heard this line a million times in your life, yet I want to say this:
Whatever happens, happens for a very good reason. So, let’s take a deep breath, keep a happy memory in our mind, smile and keep moving forward !!!


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