Inner Voice

Throughout our life, we hear voices…
Voice of people, animals, nature and things.
We are presented with infinite voices to listen.
Some souls sing, some souls give speech and some souls are actually mute.
We always have a choice when it comes to listening.
We listen to the souls who love us, inspire us, take care of us and pray for us.
All our days, we are very keen to hear the voice outside of us that we ignore to hear our own voice.
The Inner Voice – I hope everyone knows what I am talking about.
The Voice of our own self.
Every individual has this deep inside somewhere in our soul.
This Voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong.
It guides us all along our path.
It always has a wonderful story to tell.
It helps us make friends.
It inspires us and it loves us.
It shows us who we truly are.
Always listen to people around you, but don’t forget to –
Keep listening to your beautiful Inner Voice.

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