Wish I set sail in the high seas…
On a gigantic ship filled with all I need.
The very thought of travelling via sea give me goosebumps.
Very little – I know and there are lots to learn.
Few things, we learn from books – but
Many things, we learn from life…
Life can be considered as a book.
Maybe, I don’t know!

Well, what will I take along with me?
A compass to tell me direction,
A few paraphernalia for cooking,
A set of clothes,
Bible – a must &
Few pieces of paper for writing!
Sounds like a pretty good adventure to me…
Are these things enough?
Well, I am struck with an infinite loop of questions in my mind now…
Who will come with me?
Where am I planning to go?
What is my destination?
Should I seriously have to set sail in the high seas?

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