To our Planet

Nothing to hide from, Nothing to run away from…
I was sitting still looking out of my window sill !
Queer is the way our World has turned to be…
Locking up ourselves at our home till everything is brought under control,
No content on my mind, but silence.
I have food with me, a roof on top…I am blessed.
Re-kindling a long forgotten friendship with a single phone call,
Re-visiting my childhood by turning to photo albums,
Restoring the love of the family and
Reading books from my room’s shelf…
Praying to God for the goodness of our Planet,
I am finding the silver lining !

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Nalaemton Selvaraj

My name is Nalaemton Selvaraj. I am working as a Software Engineer in Chennai, India. This blog aims to share a wide variety of information to it’s readers – life experiences, poems, travel, technology and much more. My ultimate goal is to make my readers smile. Don’t forget to smile while reading my writings...
Life has much more meaning to it, than JUST WINNING 🏁
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