The Past, Present & the Future

How many of you believe in the concept of Time Travelling? I personally do not believe in it. However, it’s always mind boggling to think about time travelling. I’ve fancied myself travelling in time during childhood. Hollywood movies have portrayed time travelling with too much excitement and heroism. I’ve watched ‘Back to the Future’ movie long back and the movie made me fancy more and more about time travelling. That’s one good thing about watching movies. They make us travel with the characters to places we have never been. I agree that real life doesn’t always provide us with too many opportunities for portraying heroic deeds, but time travelling is a great topic to discuss when people are around – Believe me, I have experience in this.

I have heard a lot of people saying that even if time travelling is possible, we will not be able to change anything which is going to happen in the future. My fragile little mind always says to me that if you want to change the future, then you have to start working hard in the present. I hope that every one of us would have heard this fancy little line somewhere in your life. We never know what will happen to us, our surroundings or anything with respect to the future. This ‘uncertainty’ which the word ‘future’ creates and the ‘hope’ which the word ‘tomorrow’ brings makes our life beautiful from day one of our birth to this moment.

Our mind is a powerful being. Very powerful indeed! Our mind collects our memories which involves incidents, people and much more than we can even imagine. If you want to re-visit any incident which happened in your past, you just think of it and you’ll already get the memory pictured in your mind. For me, this is the simplest example of Time Travelling. We often forget about the fact that we do perform time travelling each and every time we think of something which happened in our past. Most of the time, I used to think that we humans are living in a giant ball which is revolving a giant ball of fire in space and talking about how to make a living every day. Okay, why am I going too much away from the topic like I usually do? Hahaha…Instead of thinking how to alter our past and the future, let us think about the happy moments happened in our Life and keep moving forward.

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