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On 23rd March 2020, The Government of India announced Lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. I was travelling to office in order to take my office computer to home as the company where I was employed at that time announced all the employees to work from home till the Lockdown is relaxed. It’s been almost two months since I submitted my resignation and was serving Notice Period at that time. I had roughly three more weeks to get relieved from the company and join the company where I am going to be employed soon. I don’t know how to react to the situation. I am sure you would agree that every one of us felt the same when the Government announced complete Lockdown.

Days kept passing by as I was working from home. Every week day was like two or three days combined as we were completely not prepared to handle this situation. Network issues, Connection failures, Hardware malfunctions kept on happening in the Team as we struggled to keep up the pace. Little by little, we got habituated to the situation and were completing our deliverables on time. Then one day, I completed serving Notice Period and got relieved from the company. The company in which I was about to join faced a critical internal issue which prevented them from on boarding me. They promised me that they’ll on board me, but it will take some time. That was a very unfortunate and tough moment for me. However, I decided to make the best use of the time which is available for me before joining my new company.

Initially, I wasted a lot of time watching movies, online series and the like. After a certain point of time, I got restless. I became very tired of watching a digital screen for a long time. I hope you can feel me. My mind sensed that I have been ‘Entertainment-overloaded’. Then, I decided to blog. Well, I was deciding to blog for a very long time. However, I did not find time from my routine to make one. I decided that this is my moment. With no second thought, I called up my friend who is already a Blogger. After getting the required insights, I bought the domain and started to blog. Initially, I thought that a particular niche is to be chosen in order to start a blog. Then, I realized that whatever we write should come from our hearts. I became a Personal Blogger that way. I started writing poems, articles about personal life experiences, infotainment articles and much more. I recently heard of a saying. I don’t exactly remember who said it. It goes like this: “If you love what you are doing, then you will never concentrate on winning or losing in what you do. You just keep on doing what you love, no matter what”. Believe me, I too felt the same. Other than Blogging, I started playing with my cat, started performing physical exercise every morning in our terrace, sky watching in the night and playing board games with my sister. By God’s grace, the critical internal situation which my new company was experiencing came to an end and they graciously on boarded me virtually. Now, it’s already crossed 100 plus days of Lockdown. We, people are still fighting the battle with COVID-19. Hope the battle ends soon and we get back to live our normal lives again.

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