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Strength – I should say.
Standing as tall as possible and –
Providing home to peculiar species,
The Mountains stand on Earth.

Science explains the formation of mountains due to change in landscapes over a period of time.
Sounds like a fact.
I should agree.
The birth of a mountain – no one sees.
I’ve never seen one. Neither do you.
So, everything we hear about the formation of mountains is a theory.

Aren’t mountains, a beautiful work of nature?
How brave and mighty – the mountain stands!
I’ve been to a couple of mountains.
I like to stay near clouds and –
Mountains make it possible.
How miraculous Mother Nature is!

I always envy people who live in the mountains.
What a beautiful sight of Nature they experience each day of their lives…
Nature has a million ways to thrill us.
Mountains – one among the million.
I’ve learnt this from the mountains:
It does not matter how fast we go. It all matters how far we go!


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