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It’s been a very long time since I got graduated. However, I am feeling like everything just happened yesterday. It’s been four years since the day I got graduated from college. I used to giggle when people used to tell me that you’ll start to remember all the college days and feel for it later one day. Now, I am thinking of all those beautiful days and smile like a baby. I would say that college days are cocoon period where we learn a lot of things and at the end, we all will fly with awesome colors like a butterfly.

This is me during graduation ceremony

J.K. Rowling says “It’s our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our talents”. I agree to her saying. I am sure if one understands this life lesson early in life, he/she will definitely make good choices and keep moving forward. I chose computers. Yes, I did Computer Science major in college. I don’t know when I developed passion towards Computers, but I chose the field because I am very much interested in working with computers. It so happened that each and every day was like a dream come true for me, as life seemed to go smoothly. I made new friends. I got new confidence running in my blood. Even now when I am thinking of all those days, I seriously cannot believe that I was able to strive bravely through the tough Engineering syllabus. All those memories of full-day studies with friends, discussing answers with friends after examination and having lunch together with friends daily are keeping on flashing in my mind. Memories are powerful, aren’t they? I always believe that memories are portals that virtually take us from what we are to where we want to go. I thank God for all those sweet moments. Difficulties and hardships are like passing clouds. They keep passing now and then to make us better than we used to be. It makes us stronger. Remember, a smooth sea never make a skilled sailor. Alright, why am I talking about difficult and tough times of life? All of them are temporary. Love, joy, friendship and the good memories that we share with others are permanent.

Life never seems to be how it seemed before. In the end, I am sure that everyone will reach their destiny. Be it your dream job, your dream location and more and more dreams people dream in their life, I know that almost everyone reach their destiny one day, but Life never be the same like before. Life changes. People around us changes. Situations changes. Everything around us changes. Finally, change is the only entity that remains constant. When we dream, we were not aware of that. It’s the uncertainty of life that works the magic. We do not know what lies ahead for us. The suspense that life has for us called ‘Tomorrow’ drives us from one point to another. This is the reason why I agree to J.K. Rowling’s quote about choices and how important it is. All of Life is a game of luck. Haha, See where I am leading my conversations into…One tip I want to give all the Dreamers out there from my experience: Always have a clear cut idea of what you want to do after reaching your destiny in life. I am telling you this because thinking on the positive side, you’ll always reach your destiny in your 20s,30s,40s or even 50s. Who knows? What’s important is what you choose to do with your Life after reaching your Destiny, because there is always more to Life than JUST WINNING. Good Luck!

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Life has much more meaning to it, than JUST WINNING 🏁
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