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In our day-to-day life, buckets play a very important role and we very rarely think about it. For fetching water from a nearby pond or stream, we use a bucket. For collecting and storing water, we use a bucket. What else? From building sand castles in the beach to watering our plants, buckets are making tremendous contributions to the entire human community. Let us now read through some of the interesting facts about buckets in this article.

The first traces of people using buckets dated back to 3200 BC, where archeologists have found carvings which portray Pharaoh Narmer’s servant carrying a bucket. There exists a phrase in English language ‘kicked the bucket’ which is used in order to denote somebody’s death. The bucket is first patented by Stanislas Sorel in the year 1837. Till the 1960s, buckets were made of metal. Plastic buckets came into existance in the year 1967 and we are using buckets made out of plastic in most of the modern cities now.

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