How Smart Phones have changed our lifestyle?

It’s been more than 10 years since World has started using smart phones. Currently, almost everyone is having a smart phone with them. Today, I installed WordPress app from Google Play Store in order to manage my blog from my smart phone. Once the app got installed on my phone, I realized that I can perform the entire operation which I used to perform using my laptop with my smart phone itself. I was taken back by such beautiful and simple user interfaces which makes everyone’s life easy. I have seen a lot number of videos in the past which portrays how technology have changed the way we perform our daily activities, but this is the first time I am realizing the thoughts portrayed in those videos.

Nowadays, almost everything can be performed online since everyone and every institution has their online presence. Let’s say if we want to check the weather today, we take our phone and find it out. We get to know the weather in an instant. If we want to book a train ticket or movie ticket, we take our phone, book ticket and leave our house. If we want to sell anything to someone online, we can do it in the most awesome way possible with great speed. From checking the weather to selling items, we can perform millions of operations using our smart phone. Sometimes, I even went to the extent to think that if we do not have smartphone with us, we lose our identity. This is how smart phones have influenced our lifestyle.

Just imagine with me. Twenty years back, if we want to talk to anyone who is at a distance – we can reach them only by posting mail or a telephone call. Now, if we want to talk to anyone – we can whatsapp them, or even talk to them by dialing a video call in Skype. It’s that simple these days. Welcome to the 21st century!

However lucrative these technology gadgets like smart phones change our lifestyle, nothing can match the joy of meeting a friend personally after a long time. These smart phones can never give that joy. I completely agree that the whole world is connected and will always be connected irrespective of the distance, but it should not change us from what we are. Everything has become ‘virtual’ now. Let’s say: Virtual meetings, virtual gaming, virtual marriage and the list goes on and on. Hope you realize that however fast human beings are developing each and everyday, our Earth is spinning at the same speed from the start till this day. Hope this will be the norm everyday of our life. Let’s take time to get offline at least for sometime each and everyday and BE HUMAN.

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