How I got 1000+ visitors in my first month of Blogging?

It’s been almost one and a half months since I started blogging. I always wanted to express my thoughts with the World. That is the reason why you’ll see a lot of my thoughts expressed in my blog. When the lockdown was announced here in India due to COVID-19 outbreak, I came up with an idea of writing my thoughts down in a digital forum. Within the next few days, I bought my domain and started to blog.

1. Initial Days
As I started blogging, I was not sure of what to do and what not to do. I was posting my writings and shared to my friends in social media forums. Initially, my posts were getting very low views and there was literally no one to interact with my posts. I was a bit worried, but I thought of never giving up on this. I love to write poems, articles about nature, inspiration and technology. So, I continued to improve my content and hoped one day people will love reading my writings.

2. My experience with Blogging
After somedays of struggle, I learnt that Blogging is all about how you make your content reach your readers. For that reason, you’ve to find where your readers are and what they are interested in. I started a new Facebook page for my Blog ( and posted the links to my blog content in the page. Slowly and steadily, I got followers to my Facebook page and they were also viewing my blog, which I thought was a very good sign. It proved to be one of the best things to do as a beginner in blogging. On the other hand, I started posting my blog content in Instagram ( where my friends read my writings and started talking to me about my blog. It so happened that I noticed the hashtag #WritingCommunity in Twitter and started using the hashtag in all my posts. Twitter has a very good Writing Community that connects Bloggers globally. A large number of experienced Bloggers started interacting with my posts and my self-confidence grew up day by day. Then, I also started to take part in Comment Exchange Programs where I got a chance to read fellow bloggers’ writings and get inspiration from them. They’ve generously started to interact with my posts like how I was reading their posts and sharing my thoughts with them. Little by little, my blog got more audience and reached 1000+ views by the end of the month.

3. Learnings
There is always something to learn from success and failure. Getting 1000+ views may sound like a very small feat for an experienced Blogger, but on the other hand for me I consider it a milestone in my blogging journey. All that I learnt in the first month of Blogging is that you have to find your readers, help others to reach their goals and last but not the least – be hopeful and do your best.

Finally, I would like to end this blog post by letting you know my blogging goals for the current month. Hopefully, I want to reach 2000+ views this month. If you’re a Blogger and if you want me to read your writings, kindly comment your blog links below. I’ll go through your blog and share my thoughts. Constructive suggestions are always welcomed. Thank You for taking time off your busy schedule and reading my article. Have a wonderful day. Good Luck!

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