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My First Experience of delivering a speech on stage

It was the summer of 2012 when I joined an engineering college in Chennai, India. I chose Computer major, so all my thoughts started leaning towards technology. Technology is fun – hope everyone will agree to it. It so happened that my college planned to conduct a celebration before Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2). My English Lecturer suddenly entered our classroom and asked us who all are interested in taking part in a debate. With no second thought, I raised my hand. Till now, I am not sure how I became very courageous at that moment. Well, today I thank myself for making that choice. Being an introvert throughout my childhood, I had never got an opportunity to speak on stage. I never wanted that notion to keep following me throughout my life. However, if you are a victim of stage fear, then you’ve got to get out of that as soon as possible in order to make life easy for you. I hope that once you complete reading this article, you’ll gain a positive attitude towards public speaking and move forward to make one if you have not made one before.

The topic for the debate was “Is there a possibility of getting another Gandhi in our era?” I chose ‘NO’ as my answer and started preparing for my speech the same day at home. I referred multiple channels in order to get inputs. I was very confused indeed. All that I know about him – I tried to store in my mind. I was never focused. Nervousness hit me directly that I lost my ability to think and perceive the situation properly. I was sleep depressed the previous day of the competition. On the day of the debate, my English Lecturer was calling us for a quick rehearsal. Tension grew up heavier each minute. I read out what I prepared the before day to my Lecturer. She said,”You have prepared to deliver a speech, but it is a debate”. I was devastated. I was having 4 to 5 pages of information about Mahatma Gandhi. I was definitely sure that if I read what I prepared, people will get bored. Finally, the Debate hour approached. There were six participants along with me for the competition (3 arguing for ‘YES’ and 3 arguing for ‘NO’). I was scheduled as the last person to deliver the speech. As I was sitting on the stage, I could hear my own heartbeat in spite of the loud cries made by students in the auditorium. All the five speakers have spoken on behalf of their opinions. All the information which I had gathered the previous day was already been delivered by them. I was running of content. I was nervous. I was not sure what to do at that moment. Finally, my name was called. Taking a deep breath, I stood up from my place with all my papers and went near the mike. I greeted the audience warmly and started with my topic. I told them that I am going to argue that there are no possibilities of finding another Gandhi in our era. Then, my mind went blank. I was completely clueless on what was going around. I was using too much gap fillers like ‘uh’,’eh’,etc. Then, I went blank. No words came from my mouth and I was standing still. The entire audience started laughing and giggling at me. I was not sure what to do. Finally, I came to a thought that I have to deliver this speech without any problem. When you are thrown into the middle of the ocean, either you give up and drown yourself or fight till your last breath. I chose fighting and I am happy choosing it at that moment. I turned down the reference papers which I had and started speaking from my mind. Sometimes, speaking from your heart helps. It helped very well for me. I started the speech telling the audience that whatever I have prepared has already been presented before you. Then, the audience started settling down. I started my speech and talked about my opinions on the topic comparing the opinions laid down by the rest of the participants. Finally, I concluded by saying “There is only one Sun, one Moon and there can be only one Gandhi and he is the Father of our Nation. Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.” The audience started cheering me up with their claps and my happiness knew no bounds at that moment. Being accepted by people without being judged is one of the rarest and beautiful events of our lifetime. For me, it is one such moment.

Even now, I fear little while walking to the podium for delivering any speech. However, once I start with my speech, all the tensions grabbed in my mind ebbs out. Hope reading my small life experience helps you at some part of your life. If you are a person who wants to do something in your life and your fears stop you from achieving your dreams, grab courage, take a deep breath and follow your dreams. One day, you’ll be happy for choosing your dream.

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Plan B

All of us would have heard of this famous saying: “If Plan A fails, try Plan B. If Plan B also fails, then you have plans till the alphabet Z”. While hearing today’s news about researchers trying to find the possibilities of life in other planets, I was thinking about my plans. We plan to lead our life in a particular way according to our interest. However, Life always surprises us in ways we would have not even imagined.

When it comes to talking about finding another planet to me, the very thought freaks me out. I don’t know how to respond to it. I have thought that our Planet (The Earth) is the only planet that supports life till now. I forgot to think what if we have a choice to move on to another planet. Assuming that with the current advancements in Science and Technology, Man has already landed on Moon. With more advancement, I guess mankind will soon find a way to travel to another planet. If this is the case, who will take care of our planet – The planet which gave us food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter to rest and much more than I can even remember. I guess we will be on the same page. Home is where the heart is. Nobody can change this fact.

I would like to end this blog post with the sayings of Former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in European Union at 2007. He said “Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is an order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world”. Take care of our fragile planet because when it comes to home, we can never think about Plan B.

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Wish I set sail in the high seas…
On a gigantic ship filled with all I need.
The very thought of travelling via sea give me goosebumps.
Very little – I know and there are lots to learn.
Few things, we learn from books – but
Many things, we learn from life…
Life can be considered as a book.
Maybe, I don’t know!

Well, what will I take along with me?
A compass to tell me direction,
A few paraphernalia for cooking,
A set of clothes,
Bible – a must &
Few pieces of paper for writing!
Sounds like a pretty good adventure to me…
Are these things enough?
Well, I am struck with an infinite loop of questions in my mind now…
Who will come with me?
Where am I planning to go?
What is my destination?
Should I seriously have to set sail in the high seas?

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Since Lockdown

On 23rd March 2020, The Government of India announced Lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. I was travelling to office in order to take my office computer to home as the company where I was employed at that time announced all the employees to work from home till the Lockdown is relaxed. It’s been almost two months since I submitted my resignation and was serving Notice Period at that time. I had roughly three more weeks to get relieved from the company and join the company where I am going to be employed soon. I don’t know how to react to the situation. I am sure you would agree that every one of us felt the same when the Government announced complete Lockdown.

Days kept passing by as I was working from home. Every week day was like two or three days combined as we were completely not prepared to handle this situation. Network issues, Connection failures, Hardware malfunctions kept on happening in the Team as we struggled to keep up the pace. Little by little, we got habituated to the situation and were completing our deliverables on time. Then one day, I completed serving Notice Period and got relieved from the company. The company in which I was about to join faced a critical internal issue which prevented them from on boarding me. They promised me that they’ll on board me, but it will take some time. That was a very unfortunate and tough moment for me. However, I decided to make the best use of the time which is available for me before joining my new company.

Initially, I wasted a lot of time watching movies, online series and the like. After a certain point of time, I got restless. I became very tired of watching a digital screen for a long time. I hope you can feel me. My mind sensed that I have been ‘Entertainment-overloaded’. Then, I decided to blog. Well, I was deciding to blog for a very long time. However, I did not find time from my routine to make one. I decided that this is my moment. With no second thought, I called up my friend who is already a Blogger. After getting the required insights, I bought the domain and started to blog. Initially, I thought that a particular niche is to be chosen in order to start a blog. Then, I realized that whatever we write should come from our hearts. I became a Personal Blogger that way. I started writing poems, articles about personal life experiences, infotainment articles and much more. I recently heard of a saying. I don’t exactly remember who said it. It goes like this: “If you love what you are doing, then you will never concentrate on winning or losing in what you do. You just keep on doing what you love, no matter what”. Believe me, I too felt the same. Other than Blogging, I started playing with my cat, started performing physical exercise every morning in our terrace, sky watching in the night and playing board games with my sister. By God’s grace, the critical internal situation which my new company was experiencing came to an end and they graciously on boarded me virtually. Now, it’s already crossed 100 plus days of Lockdown. We, people are still fighting the battle with COVID-19. Hope the battle ends soon and we get back to live our normal lives again.

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The Past, Present & the Future

How many of you believe in the concept of Time Travelling? I personally do not believe in it. However, it’s always mind boggling to think about time travelling. I’ve fancied myself travelling in time during childhood. Hollywood movies have portrayed time travelling with too much excitement and heroism. I’ve watched ‘Back to the Future’ movie long back and the movie made me fancy more and more about time travelling. That’s one good thing about watching movies. They make us travel with the characters to places we have never been. I agree that real life doesn’t always provide us with too many opportunities for portraying heroic deeds, but time travelling is a great topic to discuss when people are around – Believe me, I have experience in this.

I have heard a lot of people saying that even if time travelling is possible, we will not be able to change anything which is going to happen in the future. My fragile little mind always says to me that if you want to change the future, then you have to start working hard in the present. I hope that every one of us would have heard this fancy little line somewhere in your life. We never know what will happen to us, our surroundings or anything with respect to the future. This ‘uncertainty’ which the word ‘future’ creates and the ‘hope’ which the word ‘tomorrow’ brings makes our life beautiful from day one of our birth to this moment.

Our mind is a powerful being. Very powerful indeed! Our mind collects our memories which involves incidents, people and much more than we can even imagine. If you want to re-visit any incident which happened in your past, you just think of it and you’ll already get the memory pictured in your mind. For me, this is the simplest example of Time Travelling. We often forget about the fact that we do perform time travelling each and every time we think of something which happened in our past. Most of the time, I used to think that we humans are living in a giant ball which is revolving a giant ball of fire in space and talking about how to make a living every day. Okay, why am I going too much away from the topic like I usually do? Hahaha…Instead of thinking how to alter our past and the future, let us think about the happy moments happened in our Life and keep moving forward.

Hope you had a good read! Do write your thoughts in the comments section.

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The Moment of my Lifetime

I had a small conversation on phone with my friend yesterday when he suddenly asked me “What did you have for lunch?” I was not able to recollect what I had for lunch just 30 minutes ago. I thought I was so doomed. Later I recollected and told him what I ate. However, the lunch problem is solved. Then, I later started thinking why my brain did not respond to me properly while I was trying so hard to re-visit my memory to know what I had for lunch. The most surprising factor is that I had lunch just 30 minutes before having a call with him. I became a little more curious and I started to think about memories.

Memories are cool, isn’t it? I love memories. Our memories provide us happiness, sadness, anger and almost all the emotions of the world. Memories are very important. It’s been 2 years since my father had an acute stroke in his brain which made him lose all his memories. It’s been almost 3 to 4 months for him to recollect all his memories and identify me. Every day before leaving to work, I still remember me asking my name to him. However, I am happy now and forever grateful to God that he had recovered from the illness and he is leading a normal life like everyone now. One incident happened in the hospital which I wanted to share with all of you at this moment. It was the 5th day since my father got bed ridden in the hospital. I was allowed to visit my father only twice a day as he was getting medicated in the Critical Care Unit. The nurse came and called me in. On reaching the room, I saw my father with all the life supporting paraphernalia. It was difficult for him to recognize anyone meeting him other than my mother. Then, the doctor pointed his hand towards me and asked my father to recognize me. My father wasn’t able to recognize me initially. Hiding my tears, I smiled. A storm raged and hit my heart at that time, but somehow I managed to pretend before everyone showing them that I am completely fine. My father’s friends and my mother were standing beside me. I still remember standing still watching that moment. Someone told my name to the doctor. I know that my name is the hardest name on Earth and no one has ever spelled it right the first time. However, fortunately or unfortunately – I don’t know, the doctor did spell my name successfully in the first attempt. On hearing my name, my father started smiling and the sound of his mild laughter reached my ears. I have never seen anyone smile on hearing my name. It was the first time. All the hardships that I have ever faced in my life can never be matched to that one moment. I call it ‘The Moment of my Lifetime’.

Life is all about making memories. Make sure you create more and more happy moments in life. For now, picture the happiest moment of your life in your mind and spread beautiful positive vibes wherever you go. Good Luck !

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Good Night

It’s always good to be back…
Back to what?
Back to what I used to be…
Back to where everything started…
Back to square one…
The neurons in my brain are sending tired vibes to all parts of my body.
Now, I am starting to think!
Think of what?
I don’t know…
I read somewhere recently:
“Your brain never sleeps when you’re asleep”.
Reading these lines and unwillingly agreeing to it,
I went to bed that day.
I did not get enough sleep and felt very tired while waking up the next day…
Everyone has 24 hours to complete a day in their life.
Science says that it’s necessary to sleep for atleast 8 hours a day…
Why am I in a confused state right now?
Guess I will find the answers to all my questions soon…
Life is a romantic comedy for some people…
Life is a comedy thriller for others…
Either way, Life is a comedy!
So, don’t take anything seriously.
Good Night!

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Life after graduation

It’s been a very long time since I got graduated. However, I am feeling like everything just happened yesterday. It’s been four years since the day I got graduated from college. I used to giggle when people used to tell me that you’ll start to remember all the college days and feel for it later one day. Now, I am thinking of all those beautiful days and smile like a baby. I would say that college days are cocoon period where we learn a lot of things and at the end, we all will fly with awesome colors like a butterfly.

This is me during graduation ceremony

J.K. Rowling says “It’s our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our talents”. I agree to her saying. I am sure if one understands this life lesson early in life, he/she will definitely make good choices and keep moving forward. I chose computers. Yes, I did Computer Science major in college. I don’t know when I developed passion towards Computers, but I chose the field because I am very much interested in working with computers. It so happened that each and every day was like a dream come true for me, as life seemed to go smoothly. I made new friends. I got new confidence running in my blood. Even now when I am thinking of all those days, I seriously cannot believe that I was able to strive bravely through the tough Engineering syllabus. All those memories of full-day studies with friends, discussing answers with friends after examination and having lunch together with friends daily are keeping on flashing in my mind. Memories are powerful, aren’t they? I always believe that memories are portals that virtually take us from what we are to where we want to go. I thank God for all those sweet moments. Difficulties and hardships are like passing clouds. They keep passing now and then to make us better than we used to be. It makes us stronger. Remember, a smooth sea never make a skilled sailor. Alright, why am I talking about difficult and tough times of life? All of them are temporary. Love, joy, friendship and the good memories that we share with others are permanent.

Life never seems to be how it seemed before. In the end, I am sure that everyone will reach their destiny. Be it your dream job, your dream location and more and more dreams people dream in their life, I know that almost everyone reach their destiny one day, but Life never be the same like before. Life changes. People around us changes. Situations changes. Everything around us changes. Finally, change is the only entity that remains constant. When we dream, we were not aware of that. It’s the uncertainty of life that works the magic. We do not know what lies ahead for us. The suspense that life has for us called ‘Tomorrow’ drives us from one point to another. This is the reason why I agree to J.K. Rowling’s quote about choices and how important it is. All of Life is a game of luck. Haha, See where I am leading my conversations into…One tip I want to give all the Dreamers out there from my experience: Always have a clear cut idea of what you want to do after reaching your destiny in life. I am telling you this because thinking on the positive side, you’ll always reach your destiny in your 20s,30s,40s or even 50s. Who knows? What’s important is what you choose to do with your Life after reaching your Destiny, because there is always more to Life than JUST WINNING. Good Luck!

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How Smart Phones have changed our lifestyle?

It’s been more than 10 years since World has started using smart phones. Currently, almost everyone is having a smart phone with them. Today, I installed WordPress app from Google Play Store in order to manage my blog from my smart phone. Once the app got installed on my phone, I realized that I can perform the entire operation which I used to perform using my laptop with my smart phone itself. I was taken back by such beautiful and simple user interfaces which makes everyone’s life easy. I have seen a lot number of videos in the past which portrays how technology have changed the way we perform our daily activities, but this is the first time I am realizing the thoughts portrayed in those videos.

Nowadays, almost everything can be performed online since everyone and every institution has their online presence. Let’s say if we want to check the weather today, we take our phone and find it out. We get to know the weather in an instant. If we want to book a train ticket or movie ticket, we take our phone, book ticket and leave our house. If we want to sell anything to someone online, we can do it in the most awesome way possible with great speed. From checking the weather to selling items, we can perform millions of operations using our smart phone. Sometimes, I even went to the extent to think that if we do not have smartphone with us, we lose our identity. This is how smart phones have influenced our lifestyle.

Just imagine with me. Twenty years back, if we want to talk to anyone who is at a distance – we can reach them only by posting mail or a telephone call. Now, if we want to talk to anyone – we can whatsapp them, or even talk to them by dialing a video call in Skype. It’s that simple these days. Welcome to the 21st century!

However lucrative these technology gadgets like smart phones change our lifestyle, nothing can match the joy of meeting a friend personally after a long time. These smart phones can never give that joy. I completely agree that the whole world is connected and will always be connected irrespective of the distance, but it should not change us from what we are. Everything has become ‘virtual’ now. Let’s say: Virtual meetings, virtual gaming, virtual marriage and the list goes on and on. Hope you realize that however fast human beings are developing each and everyday, our Earth is spinning at the same speed from the start till this day. Hope this will be the norm everyday of our life. Let’s take time to get offline at least for sometime each and everyday and BE HUMAN.

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When I think about Anger,
A raging sea comes to my mind…
Anger is not cool though!
Anger is one common human behavior, I completely agree.
However, it needs to be managed.
Anger leads to fights.
It is best if we can avoid fights…
Fights are unnecessary, isn’t it?
Anger brings regret.
Anger affects our body…
Be teacher,
Be engineer,
Be doctor,
Be student,
Be astronaut or whatever you are…
Be kind for kindness makes everything around you beautiful.
If you can portray hatred with so much perfection,
Imagine how well you can portray love to one another.