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My watch shows 5.45 AM.
I can barely hear a violent sound.
Harmony fills the air.
I am standing on the seashore…
Literature has described the breaking of dawn in a million ways,
I could remember nothing.
All I could hear is the sound of waves hitting the shore.
A fisherman gets ready to start their day.
An elderly couple starts their morning walk.
A tea master starts to prepare tea.
A bird flies off her nest.
A traffic policeman starts his day duty – and
I am hearing the Church bell ringing boldly.
Up came from the sea –
A light to abolish darkness of the night.
Little by little – He conquers the darkness.
I felt the warmth in my soul bit by bit.
The day starts in no time.
My watch shows me 6 AM and I am starting my day.
Never will I forget my usual dialogue I say to my friends:
Even if the moon fails to reflect light back to Earth,
The Sun keeps shining…
Be like the Sun.


My name is Nalaemton Selvaraj. I am working as a Software Engineer in Chennai, India. This blog aims to share a wide variety of information to it’s readers – life experiences, poems, travel, technology and much more. My ultimate goal is to make my readers smile. Don’t forget to smile while reading my writings... Life has much more meaning to it, than JUST WINNING 🏁 Happy Reading! Email: [email protected]

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