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Walking through darkness,
My eyes knew no path…
Still, my legs decided to keep walking.
I can definitely tell that my legs does not know where it is taking me.
My instinct keeps placing a million questions to my head with zero hesitation…
Where am I?
In a jungle with wild animals – or
Crossing a road with no street lights – or
Treading a cold desert at midnight – or
Wish someone switched on the light,
And wakes me up from my sleep!


My name is Nalaemton Selvaraj. I am working as a Software Engineer in Chennai, India. This blog aims to share a wide variety of information to it’s readers – life experiences, poems, travel, technology and much more. My ultimate goal is to make my readers smile. Don’t forget to smile while reading my writings... Life has much more meaning to it, than JUST WINNING 🏁 Happy Reading! Email: [email protected]

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