How people are trying to adopt new technology trends during the Lockdown?

With the Lockdown in progress, technology trends have increased in a rapid phase day by day. Be it work or school, each and every sector has been trying their best to stay connected and keep the progress on.

Almost all the IT companies in the world have adopted the Work From Home (WFH) strategy to continue their business. Though the WFH practice has mixed reviews, it has become the new trend for IT workers worldwide. When the lockdown was announced initially, all the companies started their Business Continuity Procedures on a fastrack basis. Slow and steadily now, people have got used to this new trend. Obviously, this is the only way to continue business during the lockdown. Business related calls and online meetings have been reported to occupy much of the time for employees on a daily basis which is affecting the productivity and work-life balance. Certain technical glitches with respect to slow network speed, dis-connectivity of servers, etc have also proved to be a hindrance to work these days. However, the workforce have been continuously braving these problems and continue to deliver awesome service to clients across the globe.

Learning is said to be a continuous process. Nowadays, learning has become completely online. Apps such as Google Classroom and Zoom have provided the educators with tremendous opportunities to reach students on a daily basis and continue education. Teachers are being trained to deliver lessons to students online. People have also shown tremendous interests in gaining online certification and enhancing their skills for a better future by registering themselves to apps like Udemy, Coursera, etc. Hope more and more online forums get developed for learners to continue learning without any hindrance in the days to come.

Technology trends keep evolving day by day. Let us learn to adopt with the new technology trends for the ultimate benefit of everyone and bravely pass through these hard times.

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