Happy New Year 2021

“Hello World”, I called.Does she know what has happened to humanity last year?Revolving around the Sun is her job.She never bothers to listen to me.Hope you will continue reading my words.Here we are, closing the year 2020 & stepping into 2021.2020:“A year which changed humanity in a drastic way”, I Continue Reading

The Journey Is Always On

We keep travelling…Through roads, through jungles, through mountains…and the list goes on and on.We tread through summer, winter, autumn and spring.Sometimes, breeze plays a fancy rythm.Sometimes, sun is in full form.Sometimes, the clouds pour all the water from heaven on our path.We get friends.We get pushed down.We get crushed,But whatever Continue Reading

The Show Must Go On

It’s already been a very very long time since Lockdown was announced due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Nobody would have even expected a situation like this to happen anytime before. I hope God gives us all enough health and strength to successfully get out of the Pandemic and return to old Continue Reading


I have fancied the way numerals work.I should say that it’s the elegance of intelligence.There’s never been a single day in my 25 years where I have not used numerals.‘Numbers’…The common word.Each number stands with pride like people standing on the winning podium.Some people say this:“The greater the number, greater Continue Reading